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What is it with Confit de Canard & Chefs!?

Surely making good meals & profits are key…?

I have had another mini-round of discussions with another business who insists that my Confit de Canard (Duck Confit) is not for them because they prefer to make fresh. Why? Surely the objective of a pub or restaurant (what’s the difference these days?) is to serve good food and to make a profit. So why go through the agony of making Confit de Canard and then serve it “fresh”?  The whole point is that it’s preserved, ready to re-heat when you need it.

Why not concentrate on the deliciousness that’s already built into preserved duck (which is what Confit de Canard is, after-all) and make a delicious potato dish (say Sarladaise) and maybe a sauce (I made an apple sauce last week which was fabulous and balanced the savoury duck flavours to a treat*), serve a  delicious meal and enjoy the margins…

If I were in charge of a restaurant, I’d love my chef to have something special in the larder at about £3 a person at cost price, that I could serve as a featured dish or a “special” and sell for £ high teens or over £20. The chef’s labour plus the cost price of fresh duck and enough fat to make it, must outweigh the cost of a tin many times, surely? Given that the sell by date is two or three years away, it’s ideal. Put Confit de Canard on the menu, have lots of very happy customers and if the chef wants to be a star make delicious potatoes (with the duck fat from the tin) and sauces. If you sell less than multiples of four (i.e. per tin) add the spares to the specials board the next day (one, two or three only).

What possesses a proprietor to allow a chef to make their own unless they’re very so very fancy (and selling it for £30 or £40) or he can definitely make it better than the preserved duck – which is unusual. They use ham don’t they and that’s preserved – not fresh.

OK rant over…

* I must take a picture and write down the recipe for our recipe pages – in the meantime it was apple slices, orange juice (just to cover bottom of pan, golden syrup and I used Goji berries (mainly for a colour highlight). heat until the apples caramelise and serve. (About 10-15 minutes on medium heat.)

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