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What Are Confit de Canard Manchons?

Confit of Duck Sleeves

I just thought of another duck joke and it’s bad and it requires a poor fake French accent to make it work:  “Manchons… too good to munch on”. Sorry.

And speaking of confit de canard manchons, I’ve just had an enquiry for a smaller tin  ~  for two ~ which I’m sure we had once but I cannot source at the moment. (For more info on “manchons” see the Confit de Canard page ~ Confit, Manchons & Gesiers.) So at the moment we have no manchons ~ though the cassoulet has manchons in it as well as Toulouse sausage. This is great value at £4.95 a tin (for two) and believe it or not I’ve just seen a tin this size in the US for $39.50. So for those of you in the UK (as most of you are), the Confit de Canard UK offering is simply great value. But don’t just buy one tin… stock up!

Incidentally (now I’m just rambling), if you search for duck sleeves you’ll find the most bizarre choice between safety wear (fire proof sleeves – why “duck”?) tshirts with ducks (short “sleeves”) and padded (duck down) coats etc – providing they have sleeves!


  1. Zinou says:

    We will be catering for about 20 plpoee and would like to know if it is possible to prepare the duck in two stages ie to brown and crisp first and then to reheat just prior to serving? I know re-heating is not ideal but with a large number we are trying to keep work immediately prior to the meal to a minimum.Also, is there a cut of confit with less bone for guests to deal with?Thanks

    1. Love A Duck says:

      I don’t do catering but I’d imagine you could heat and crispen all in one go with a 20 minute blast! No, confit has bones, yum yum. Try duck breasts if you want boneless.

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