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Two Confit of Duck Snippets…

Confit de Canard Flavour & Dense Fat Protection!

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I read two or three things interesting duck confit related facts recently on the web (somewhere… Sorry to the  authors but I cannot find or remember the source).

The first was talking about how by infusing the duck meat with fat and flavor (for hours and hours) you are preserving and indeed protecting against harmful bacteria which can’t thrive in the dense duck fat. So in the old days you didn’t have to keep your confit de canard chilled to stay fresh. Jars would do. Of course now in tins, the the duck’s sell by date is usually three or four years.

The second was that the duck legs and the thighs (what you get in a tin of confit de canard) are the fattiest parts of the duck and therefore the tastiest bits and the ones you want to use if you’re after flavour. I have to add that all mass market meat these days is so driven by the pursuit of low-fat  that often that’s why it’s so much less tasty. Give us fat on our steaks and in our burgers and in our duck: That’s where the flavour is. Ditto to some extent with salt…

That’s why I love confit de canard so much. It’s like the old days when flavour counted over low-salt and low-fat.

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