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Keeping Confit of Duck

How long can you keep confit duck and duck fat

Can I eat my out of date duck confit?

keep duck fat in the fridge

It’s best to keep the confit in the tin… but once open keep the duck fat in the fridge

I have many enquiries about how long you can keep confit de canard – both in the tin and once it’s opened. This includes the fat, upon which we have opined in previous blog posts like “How long can I keep my confit de canard?”  Please see that article and some of the comments below about duck fat and freezing duck fat too…

And we have another one recently from Hilary to this effect “Hi, I have an unopened tin of confit de canard which is 9 mos out of date (I know) do you think it will still be ok to eat? Regards, Hilary”

Well Hilary, I’d go for it. If you don’t like the look after you open it then don’t – or even after you’ve cooked it, you can still bin it! If the tin has been sealed, it should be OK. Given that tinned confit de canard usually has a shelf life of 3-4 years, what’s 9 months?! Our current stock from this year is dated 2017 and 2018.

But I should stress (legal excuses) that it’s your call. Especially as you didn’t buy the duck from us…! (I know, I’ve checked all our orders back to the year dot – for Confit de Canard Obviously we’d hope that everyone buys all their tinned duck from us but I guess it’s possible that some people buy it elsewhere in the UK (for a lot more, I should add) or in France (also quite often but not always for more too).

How Long Can I Keep My Confit de Canard?

You can keep your confit de canard tins for longer than you think…

I’m afraid that I’ve been slow, lazy and negligent – only three deadly sins that I’m admitting to today… I meant to tell you about this back in July.

Ed wrote to me all that time ago asking how long he could keep his jar of duck confit (that he’d had from elsewhere I’m sorry to say – we don’t sell jars, delivery and all that…)   I did reply, some of which is paraphrased but it was after the dinner in question.  By the time I replied, he’d either eaten it (which I’m sure was OK) or bought something else because he wanted it for that evening.

I said to Ed that eating it would be fine – provided that the jar was still sealed. I added (with a bit of sales patter)  “The tins we buy usually have about 3 or 4 years on them (currently 2015 and 2016). [a] they’re in tins and [b] the fat preserves the duck and makes the duck inpenetratable to bacteria. That’s the joy of confit de canard in tins.”

I also suggested that “Next time you can get a tin from us. Are you planning any dinners in 2015/16?”

So if you are planning ahead why not stock up with some of our confit duck?  It lasts ~ I think the tins we have now are all 2016!  Pass my diary…


Can You Freeze Confit de Canard #2

We Tried To Have Confit Duck Pieces Left Over But We Just Had To Eat It!

Last weekend we had our friends’ special anniversary dinner here and in addition to soup, I made duck gesiers salad to start and confit de canard as the main treat. There were six of us for dinner so I thought if I opened one of my 12 peice tins of confit de canard, I could cook 8 or 9 “cuisses” to allow seconds (probably the “boys” only) and then freeze the remaining 3 or 4 pieces.

No such luck… by the time the first peices had hit the baking dish (my preferred cooking method these days) and the vultures all hovering around to see and to smell, we decided to be damned and cook all 12 pieces. Seconds were had but we had some left over.

Those bits went in the fridge in foil which did me and a friend two snacks this week! Re-fried with thin potato slices and leeks in duck fat! It’s at times like this that I womder why people eat anything else…

So no duck confit to freeze so that experiement is on hold. Of course before our gluttony got thw better of us, I saw no reason at all not to freeze the pieces once out of the tin but not cooked.

Can You Freeze Confit de Canard?

Duck Confit is Preserved in the Tin But…

We were recenly asked if you can freeze duck after you open the tin. Of course normally if you want some dcuk confit, you open the tin and coook and serve (and keep the left over fat in the fridge, because you do usually have some left). You don’t have leftovers normally … but because our organisation has slipped we were only offering tins with 12 pices of duck confit rather than the more usual 4 or 5 pieces.

As we said to the person that asked the question, the duck in tins of Confit de Canard is cooked but they need re-cooking (re-heating really) – that’s one of the secrets of why they are so delicious…  You can keep the ones that weren’t cooked in the fridge for a few days but freezing, we just don’t know but guess that it’s OK. It just seems odd becasue the situation doesn’t normally arise.

We will try to find out though…

Meanwhile,   we will be getting some 4/5 piecs tins by the end of next week. Apologies to those of you who have had to wait for their confit de canard.

Maybe you can order these?