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Confit de Canard Manchons With Onions: Fry

Frying Confit de Canard Manchons With Onions

For some reason I wrote down ailerons on a piece of paper, whilst on my travels in France last year and now, looking at the piece of paper I want to know why. It must have had something to do with ducks and possible wings* (manchons)… maybe it’s another word for manchons. After all ducks do fly which is why their wings are so uch more signififcant than chickens!  *It is French for “little wings”, after all….

PS I’ve just searched for ailerons de confit de canard and Manchons come up in the results so maybe the big search monster knows something I don’t (or didn’t – becasue I know now).

Duck Season

I’ve written a little in the past about the fattening of ducks (fat ducks) ready for their demise and re-configuration into tasty morcels for humans to eat. That of course means that most outfits in france produce their wares when the ducks are ready which is the end of the autumn (am I right?). Does that mean that there’s a shortage or pucity of duck products or only fresh ones? Of course tinned duck lasts for not only months but years. When we buy confit de canard, it usually has about 4 years on the tin.

The Price of Confit de Canard

For quite a while we’ve had our new duck on the website for sale at £14.95 which is very resonable considering everything.  But we’re not selling much at the moment. Now is that seasonal (people tend to eat duck confit in the UK immediately after their summer holidays and through the autumn and into winter. Sales tend to fall off in the spring and early summer. (I love it all year round but I guess it’s more suitable to a colder day…)

But I have been wondering two things… [1] is the lower price tin on the site – shown but not available – making the higher priced item seem less attractive so [2] should I remove the lower priced duck from view while it’s out of stock? And [3] thirdly, is the price right in the first place?

Any comments?



Confit de Canard Manchons & Left Overs

French Duck Sleeves & Red Cabbage Re-Fried…

Yum yum yum (yum three times these duck manchons were so good)!

A few left overs including red cabbage (which benefitted enormously from the frying in duck fat) made a great rescue meal the day after…

I don’t have a picture of the red cabbage (I guess I was too hungry to stop and take pictures) but here are the duck sleeve-manchons in their original incarnation.