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Sold Out of Foie Gras…

Update Autumn 2013. Foie Gras IN Stock (October 2013)

realising that this might be read as the latest news – which of course it isn’t – I just wanted to update this “news” post to say that we do have foie gras in stock… but hurry as it sells quite quickly and we only ever buy a limited stock. Great value… don’t miss it.

Please note that we have sold out of our limited stock of Duck Foie Gras… (April 2013)

Is this the best value foie gras in the uK ever...?

Is this the best value foie gras in the UK ever…?

Back in December we bought a trial of some well-priced foie gras to see if we sold it or not.  And at the time, I wondered if we’d sell any at all ~ bearing in mind that we are easily found for duck confit but not for duck foie gras. However having said that we’ve sold out and in fact we’ve just had to disappoint the last customer who ordered more than we had left.Sales are now suspended…

So is it back to France again to stick up on more foie gras. Will sod’s law mean that we then don’t sell that, once we have it in stock!

The price at £8.45 for 200 gr. is excellent and I don’t think you’ll find any better in the UK on or offline… I’ve just done a quick survey and I can’t find anything even close to the price. Why would you buy any elsewhere…?

And all those who’ve had a taste have enjoyed it to the utmost. Quite lovely buttery & rich.

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