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Parmentier de Confit de Canard

New Confit de Canard Recipes…

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Always following the trail of anything duck confit, I found a few recipes for Parmentier de confit de canard this week. It’s been likened to Shepherd’s Pie with duck but for our benefit the main ingredient is four cuissses de confit de canard.

The full list of ingredients are…

4 pieces de canard confites (one tin – for under £10 available here)
2 onions
2 Shallots
10 small potatoes
2 spoonfuls of crème fraîche (or butter/cream))
Milk (or/butter for mash)
Salt/pepper to flavour (watch the salt in the duck bit, concentrate on the potatoe parts for salt!)

Other recipes

  • add parsley or coriander. Mmmm.
  • use turnips or swede for bulk
  • use a pinch of nutmeg (noix de muscade) for spice
  • basically you can make it up if you can make shepherds pie and you know what you like.

One good recipe is at, from where I have pinched their picture. I hope that this link makes good this borrowing. See their site here.

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