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Nigel Slater Rates Confit de Canard Big Time

Another Top Chef Loves His Duck Confit… The Other One Being Me Of Course!

I’ve just seen an old article on the Guardian on-line by Nigel Slater where he delights in all things Confit de Canard!  Much better than roasting a duck, he says!  And when you cook duck confit in the oven, hey presto… no smell around the house like the  alternatives.

To lift a bit of the article, though you can read it all at the above link… “A better idea, I think, is to buy tins of French confit de canard, that ancient preserve of slow-roasted duck legs stored in snowy layers of their own fat. Crisped up briefly in the oven, you get roast duck in no time, and no lingering ducky pong clinging to your favourite sweater. The only downside – and it is a big one – is the cost. A jar of two preserved duck legs will cost you the best part of a tenner”. The good news is that it doesn’t cost that at Confit de Canard UK – you can get a tin of four legs (that is twice what he’s talking about) for a bit over a tenner!

Order it today… see our SHOP Confit de Canard page for details.

Of course Nigel Slater decides to make his own confit but you’re better off with the French stuff in a tin!

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