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How Long Can I Keep My Confit de Canard?

You can keep your confit de canard tins for longer than you think…

I’m afraid that I’ve been slow, lazy and negligent – only three deadly sins that I’m admitting to today… I meant to tell you about this back in July.

Ed wrote to me all that time ago asking how long he could keep his jar of duck confit (that he’d had from elsewhere I’m sorry to say – we don’t sell jars, delivery and all that…)   I did reply, some of which is paraphrased but it was after the dinner in question.  By the time I replied, he’d either eaten it (which I’m sure was OK) or bought something else because he wanted it for that evening.

I said to Ed that eating it would be fine – provided that the jar was still sealed. I added (with a bit of sales patter)  “The tins we buy usually have about 3 or 4 years on them (currently 2015 and 2016). [a] they’re in tins and [b] the fat preserves the duck and makes the duck inpenetratable to bacteria. That’s the joy of confit de canard in tins.”

I also suggested that “Next time you can get a tin from us. Are you planning any dinners in 2015/16?”

So if you are planning ahead why not stock up with some of our confit duck?  It lasts ~ I think the tins we have now are all 2016!  Pass my diary…



  1. […] I have many enquiries about how long you can keep confit de canard – both in the tin and once it’s opened. This includes the fat, upon which we have opined in previous blog posts like “How long can I keep my confit de canard?” […]

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi, I have an unopened tin of confit de canard which is 9 mos out of date (I know) do you think it will still be ok to eat? Regards, Hilary

    1. Love A Duck says:

      I have replied to Hilary by email or you can see the reply within this article:

  3. Colin Wild says:

    I have a tin of confit de canard 2009 unopened… can we eat it?

    1. Love A Duck says:

      Colin, it’s your choice and your risk!
      You don’t say if you bought it in 2009 or it’s dated 2009. The former I would imagine that you’d get away with – but the latter could mean it’s nearly 10 years old. Who knows? The best thing is to open it and see.
      If the seal is perfect and the fat looks OK, then cook it and see again!
      Let us know!

  4. Tate says:

    The best thing is how long you can keep it in the tin in the first place – usually at elast 2-3 years!

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