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Confit de Canard Goes Live With Etailing!

Well what a fuss and a palaver.  It’s so much easier to cook your confit de canard gourmet French meal than to set up PayPal on a website and embed strange codes (it’s all right you can’t see them they’re invisible) and get it all sorted – including the rather strange delivery ordering system*.  But it’s done and until we change stock that’s it for now…

You an now buy duck confit in the UK with the ease of paying with PayPal – which is easy for you, now I’ve done all the hard work – using either your credit/debit card or your PayPal account

*Now our strange delivery system isn’t really starnge it’s simple (honest). You just have to actually order it as well as your confit de canard produce.  And the really good news is that though buying one tin seems silly because of the delivery charge (£4.95)  you can order pretty much what you want – like 10 tins and still only pay the standard delivery of £6.95. I reckon that this way you’ll be sensible and spread the delivery charge over quite a few tins…

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