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Good Confit de Canard News: March 2014

Best Seller Confit de Canard Back In Stock

Our “house” brand of Duck Confit is back in stock after we sold out last month. Phew!

We now have ample stock for sale for several months. This duck will no doubt be sold and eaten this year but being an “ambient” product it’ll last in larders for years – literally. The use by date on our new Doyenné de Lanvaux “Cuisses de Canard Confites” is November 2017. So no rush then – unless we sell out again before we have a chance to get more from France.

The latest confit delivery (from the same source) is exactly the same as previously but it has a slightly new name “Domaine de Lanvaux” rather than Doyenné.  Doyenné means deanery (or a female dean), in the University sense –  but can also extend to prieuré; couvent; cloître; monastère; abbaye – that is priory, convent, cloister, monastery or abbey. The sense though can be extended in a less literal sense to mean “the most respected person in a field. So in that sense doyenne means master of…  I guess that Domaine then is more appropriate – meaning domain or estate, in my loose translation. Anyway the duck is french and tastes fabulaous as always.

NB We are nearly out of stock of our other Confit Cuisses brand “Succes Gourmand”. I wonder if they’ll be changing the name before we get the next batch in? If you want that brand then you need to hurry before we leave an “out of stock” gap which will be in about six tins! C’est la Vie… If it’s not one thing it’s the other. Never mind, I can bear a quixck trip to France again…

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