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Getting a bit low in Confit de Canard stock in January 2014…

Confit de Canard Wins the Winter Warmer Accolade…

Well we had an amazing December and we’re having a fair old January… though it might have been better for two things: [1] We left the “closed for new year” heading upa bit too long which I’m sure put some people off and [2] selling out of several lines in our range.

We usually stock quite a few lines including two brands of straight confit de canard, some manchons de canard (confits), gesiers and cassoulets – usually in different sizes. At the moment we’re all sold out in all of the cassoulets which are obviously very popular in the winter for their stew/casserole style thickness and flavours. We’re also down to just four tins of our own exclusive confit de canard (Doyenné de Lanvaux) which has sold very well in 2013. That’s one van load!

Buying Confit de Canard 2014

So it looks like another duck confit road trip is in the planning – when I can find the time with all the other things going on with a new year in progress. But have no fear duck fans, we [a] have confit in stock (Succes Gourmand – great value and definitely a first choice for quality) and we have manchons and gesiers and some very interesting Saute de Canard a L’Armagnac which is a great winter warmer too ~ duck manchons in the Armagnac sauce (including Armagnac, white wine, cream and seasoning)with carrots and potatoes. Worth a try if you like the stew style.

Please write ot us if you want us to source any other duck related products. We don’t do fresh (per se) but we love the stuff out of tins and have a beef (if you pardon the phrase) with the precious folk who consider confit de canard anything other than the finest of food.As you can read in many posts and mutterings on this site, we will argue till the cows come home about this… (Another beef/cow reference ~ how those animals get into our language!)

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