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French Duck Fat Saves Christmas Day

The Best Roast Potatoes Are Roasted in Confit de Canard “Graisse”

Confit de Canard (Manchons) comes to the rescue…. So Christmas Day arrives and although the turkey is being cooked up the road in another oven (and transported here in a wheelbarrow, wrapped in protective winter clothing of newspapers) we’re cooking everything else here.  But there’s no duck fat in the fridge (as usual) because we used it all last week.

Oh my goodness… what to do?

Warm and open a tin of confit de canard manchons of course and drain off the warmed fat.  Add that fat/grease to the par-boiled potatoes and in the oven for perfect roast potatoes and Xmas lunch has the perfect roast potatoes.  No pictures, sorry but they  looked and they tasted fantastic! And then the next day we cooked the manchons with some left over red cabbage.  Yum Xtra yum.

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