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Duck Off! Confit Cooked in Olive Oil, Cranberry Sauce, Dauphinoise Potatoes

Confit de Canard Home Made vs. Canned Tournament

This duck confit news is a bit late now… it all happened a couple of weeks ago when we met an old friend who also happens to be a great (lady) chef .  We started to discuss confit de canard, as you do, and she said she made her own. Now regular readers will know I’m not impressed with home made (or rather restaurant house-maid) confit de canard. I once had three meals in France in a row, each confit duck, and the two that were made in-house were poor. This was mainly because they weren’t cooked enough, in my humble opinion.

Duck Off: Round One…

So off we went up the road (don’t let me forget to tell you about the snow and the skid on the way home!!!) to the home of the friend’s friend who was hosting round one.  Judy, the chef was calm as a calm person with everything under control and after a drink or two dinner was served.

I immediately awarded Judy the Duck Off Prize Medal… Beautifully presented, beautifully cooked (see below) and an amazing cranberry sauce on Duphinoise potatoes. All fantastically delicious.

Judy's excellent confit de canard, albeit cooked in olive oil!

Judy’s secret was that she cooks the duck in olive oil which strictly speaking isn’t confit de canard, which I believe means that it’s cooked in it’s own fat. Having said that it was miles better than the above-mentioned French restaurant versions. So hats off to our English chef for the best home made duck confit I’ve eaten!

The sauce was approximately half a pound of fruit, half a pound of red wine and something else I’ve forgotten. It’ll come back to me… look out for Duck Off: Round Two and my competitive effort… PS Orange juice…

PS I lost my mobile so I had to get a new one and took these pictures with the protective plastic still over the lens. Oops… that’s why I played around with the one above. very “painterly”.

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