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Duck Off: Part Two with Salade de Gesier to Start

Now It’s The Turn For Confit de Canard The Old fashioned Way…

Last week I told of the Confit Duck Off part 1 when Judy cooked us the superb confit de canard her way. then I had the chance to do it my way. Of course the pressure was on and I didn’t get it 100% – but that was only because I didn’t have petits pois. So I got about 95%… maybe more.

What went down really well was the confit de canard gesier salad – pretty much as described on the confit de canard recipe page. That got me intop the contest. I cooked the duck from the tin as always – also see the recipe page – and made pretty good potatoes but as I say there were no petits pois. My dear lady wife made a red sauce (the missing ingredient I remember now as orange juice; about the same amount as each of  the  fruit and the wine). This was pretty good even though I was a bit purist about it.

Anyway, I’d already decided to give Judy the prize for her confit de canard, the wekk earlie. The medal was duly presented.

There is supposed to be a  confit de canard “Duck Off #3” soon at the pub wheeere the chef reckons his is pretty good too… Watch this space.

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