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Duck Confit for Christmas

Confit de Canard Selling Like Hot Mince Pies…

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that we’re selling duck confit tins at the moment like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve had more orders this month than the last four put together. (Mind we did run out of stock for an unacceptable amount of time.)

We’ve sold one 12 piece tin that is going to India (in the luggage) for Christmas Day and many other orders are for “big” dinners in December either birthdays or seasonal get-togethers ~ but quite a few are for the big day itself.  I hadn’t realised that sales would be so seasonal.  I just hope that it doesn’t go so horribly quiet in January…

And of course I always think of confit de canard as a summer dish because we discovered it on summer hols.

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