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Do Fat Ducks Come From Brittany/Bretagne?

New Confit Duck Supplies Due in March 2013

Best Price Confit de Canard in the UK

Best Price Confit de Canard in the UK

I’m sorry to all our current visitors who are looking to buy Confit de Canard now. It’s a bit embarassing that I haven’t been able to get to France to get new supplies to sell to fellow duck confit lovers in the UK. What can I say…? But the good news is that I will be getting over there and back in March. So look out for new stock and hopefully a new brand too – hot from the duck farm… (Well, cold, but you know what I mean.)

Meanwhile… a query to anyone who’s listening… Have you heard that a lot of fat ducks used for making the delicious confit de canard and all it’s related products (fois gras, manchons, cassoulet, gesiers [gizzards for the uni-lingual]), come from Brittany/Bretagne? Well apparently they do ~ and the duck supplier that I’m talking to at the moment states quite categorically that a lot of the ducks which are “produced” in the South West actually come from Brittany. And why not. What’s the difference… a little sunshine maybe.

Watch this space for new stocks of [a] our usual great value Succes Gourmand brand and our new “premium” brand…

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