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Cooking and Storing Confit de Canard Duck Fat

Confit de Canard Graisse ~ Top of The Roasting & Frying Pops!

When you cook your confit de canard you will find that you have a lot of grease over ~ either in the tin from whence they came or in the cooking pan. 

This can be stored in the fridge for many weeks, or even months should you not use it quickly enough ~ but it defeats me why this should happen.  Don’t take me to task if it does eventually “go”.  If only kept in the fridge, it won’t go off  before you use it, in my experience.  When you want to use it; take it out of the fridge, take out what you need ~ with a clean spoon ~ and put the rest BACK in the fridge.

The other half of our Confit de Canard UK team freezes the grease in ice trays and then just takes out ready-to-use portions ~ say to fry an egg.  You can measure that way too… One cube, two cubes, three cubes ~ etc.

NB Why does “graisse” (as it says on the tin) sound so much better than “grease”.  Is that Francophilia or is it grease’s poor reputation?  Is the strict English translation “Fat” anyway?

If you cook your confit de canard in ther oven with a generous amount of the duck fat in the baking tin (which you can drain or spoon off during cooking if you prefer) and you have added an onion or two to the baking tin, then the wonderful flavours of onions will go into the fat which you store. Even better or raosting potatoes…

I find that frying eggs in duck fat gives them that country-side/ farm-yard  flavour ~ that the promise of free range suggests but never delivers*. Eating fried eggs when frying in duck fat makes me nostalgic for something I’ve only ever imagined ~ never experienced!

* I always buy free range eggs but to be honest I don’t find any difference in the eggs.  I do it for the chicken’s sake.

I use old jam jars or even the big coffee jar.  Yes you get that much from one tin.

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