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We would be delighted if you contact Confit de Canard UK by either by telephone or by email

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Please read our confit de canard blog and please leave a comment, a testimonial or a recipe and we will publish it ~ if you mind your language as well as our and other duck-loving people’s sensibilities!

Confit de Canard UK/ is run by duck~confit~fanatic Keith and you can get in touch with us by phone or email. We are based in the UK and can dispatch confit de canard and other products anywhere in the UK.


  1. deborah says:

    do you have a store in Knightsbridge or Mayfair

    1. Love A Duck says:

      No sorry, we’re mail order, by courier. Which means that we have no store, per se, at all!

  2. Jasmin Lessard says:

    could you ship to Québec, Canada

    1. Love A Duck says:

      Dear Jasmin, Please see the response below to Jill. Sorry!

  3. Ken Tempest says:

    Look forward to delivery and writing a thank you! KAT

  4. Jill Bloser says:

    Could you ship to the US? Or do you know anyone who does? The confit costs a small fortune over here, even for the tins, and paying for international shipping would still be cheaper (maybe?) than paying the US prices. Thank you, JIll Bloser

    1. Love A Duck says:

      Dear Jill (and countless others who have asked similar questions),

      We’re really sorry but we do not dispatch our confit de canard products overseas… Why is that? [a] becasue the cost is prohibited in our opinion… more than doubling the cost at the least expensive end of the spectrum and [b] because the risk of damage is so great.

      We have over the years learnt the tricks for safe dispatch in the UK but to send to the USA or to Australia (where many people seem to be interested in duck confit etc.) we would not be confident that the tins would arrive safely.

  5. Ken says:

    Hi – We are in Hampshire as well, can we purchase & collect from you ?

    1. Love A Duck says:

      We can arrange collection, yes, but please email to arrange payment and collection.

  6. peter fung says:

    Can I go somewhere in London to buy direct?

    1. Love A Duck says:

      We don’t sell through any retail outlets I’m afraid. We’re based in Hampshire.(An hour’s drive or more, depending.)

      I know that there are deli’s in and around London who sell Confit de canard, but they rae usually more expensive than us. (would I say differently?!)

      We can deliver in a couple of days – especially if you send an email to prompt us. Next day or two days delivery is available at a premium (couple of pounds?).

  7. Graeme Swan says:

    Yes they can be frozen, just clear the fat off and freeze in bags with as many as you serve at a time in them eg 2 or 3 etc

    We like them with creamy mash and haricot vert, but also good if you sprinkle Chinese spices on them and roast until crispy just like crispy fried duck!!

  8. Mr TJ says:

    Do these Confits come cooked, or raw?
    If I buy a tin of 12, after opening, can the remainder be frozen???

    1. Love A Duck says:

      Reply from Confit de Canard UK: The duck in tins of Confit de Canard is cooked but they need re-cooking – that’s one of the secrets of why they are so delicious… You could keep the ones you don’t cook in the fridge for a few days but I honestly don’t know about freezing. (I keep the duck fat in the fridge in a sealed jar for up to say 3 months!) I’ll find out about the freezing though. I will be getting some 4/5 piecs tins by the end of next week. Maybe you can order these?

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