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Confit de Canard UK Simplifies Delivery Charges…

Easier not (nay impossible) to forget to pay for it!

It was our fault because we had two delievry bands and it was too complicated but we fixed it and now we have one delivery charge which gets added to every order ~ of just £6.95.

As we so often (& commercially) say, it’s so much better value if you buy more than one tin. That splits the delievry cost between tins and the cost is marginal. I would advise against buying just one tin of anything from us (be it confit de canard or cassoulet de confit or gesiers) when [a] it’s poor value delivery and [b] such a waste not to get more while you can.

You can keep your duck confit products for a couple of years anyway. Personally I can’t keep them that long. That’s either because I just want to eat duck or because there’s nothing else and a tin of duck in the cupboard or the cellar will do very nicely, thank you!

Now when you order anything at Confit de Canard UK, the delivery is added at the check out – only once! You’d be surprised that at a lot of on-line stores the delivery charge is added to every item. Goodness ~ we’re so good to you…

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