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Foie Gras de Canard at Confit de Canard UK

Is this the best value foie gras in the uK ever...?

Is this the best value foie gras in the UK ever…?

After a quick December trip to France to replensih supplies for the winter season (am I too late?), we spied some excellent foie gras de canard at an excellent price so here it is on our site in the UK for you to buy today.

Hurry Foie Gras de Canard in limited stock

We don’t have a million tins (the cellar is not that big, nor our purchasing float) but if this goes we’re going to get some more in the new year.  If you and three of four friends (or even family over the holidays, goodness me) want a snack or a starter to get the taste buds aroused, then please try it. Add it to your order of confit of duck tins.

saint saensA little cheese? Sorry we don’t sell that… While we were there, we had some great new cheese, the eponymous Neufchâtel, in the lovely countryside near Dieppe. You don’t get any… though some loved ones did… beautiful little packs for one or two, some in heart shapes.

You can see our little B&B here, where we had the little cheeses for our breakfast and ths had our first taste. We don’t normally spend much time in this part of France so it was a pleasure getting to know a new bit. Different but nice.

PS I don’t suppose that many people will know that we have such great value foie gras… as people who find our site are looking for duck confit. Nevertheless if it’s known that it’s such a good price you never know…

PPS I just typed dcuk by mistake. Do you think it’s the flippant version of duck for the fashion conscious…?

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