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Confit of Duck Recipe Queries…

We had a query emailed to Confit de Canard UK recently:

Hi, I’ve been reading and enjoying your website and just wanted to seek your opinion. I am having 10 people for dinner next weekend and I have 2 of the large tins of confit de canard with the 4 pieces inside. I was thinking of having this as a starter and serving it as a salad. I assume this will be enough (starter)? Also, do you have any suggestions for what else to include in the salad? I was thinking perhaps some rocket, lettuce, red onion and possibly some avocado. Does this seem a reasonable idea or do you have any other suggestions?

I  replied as follows:

“You will certainly have enough duck meat for a starter for ten but I guess that you’d want to take the duck off the bone with a salad. As you’d only have 8 thighs or legs from your tins you couldn’t split it evenly anyway on the bone! Cook the duck (drain off and keep all the fat), and get it off the bone and onto the cold salad and serve whilst it’s hot (or at least warm).

I like the sound of your recipe, though I tend to use gesiers for a salad. Either way you could add some walnuts, which I like (see our confit de canard recipes page). Or maybe some tinned beans or petits pois. I’d prefer the peas as they are sweet and balance the salty duck meat. Croutons might also work?

I nearly always use tomatoes (small vine one in halves) (use small vine tomatoes as they taste of tomatoes – unlike many supermarket toms these days which taste like “bags of water”, as someone called them last week).

I’ve not had rocket with duck. It might be interesting (or it might overpower it).

Being French food, a dressing with olive oil & regular or wine vinegar (not balsamic unless you prefer) and maybe some mustard?” And I wouldn’t have this without ground black pepper…

I must try some variations on this and publish my favourite. Thanks for asking…

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