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Confit de Canard French style holidays…

Please don’t order any duck confit until the end of August

Like the French, some of us are taking our holidays in August (and buying more confit de canard of course) so please don’t order any duck until the end of August. We’re sorry but we need to get some time off (and eat some duck too) and it just seems appropriate to take off August (and pretend we’re French).

So we are NOT delivering any duck, so you can only order if you are prepared to wait.

When we are ready, we will take down the notices on the shopping page.

We have actually already got some confit manchons de canard that we bought last time (as well as all the regular confit de canard) and we forgot to put up on the site and we’ll put those up too – they’re excellent value!  Happy hols to ne and all…

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