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Up to date news from Confit de Canard Co UK with new products, prices and choices as well as new recipes for confit de canard, confit de canard manchons, confit de canard cassoulet and of course duck gesiers

Qwackers Jokes About Ducks…

A Positive Confit of Duck Jokes For Your Xmas Crackers

I’m really sorry but I have the habit of liking cracker jokes or jokes of a similarly poor standard. It’s why I get on with children!

I just found one such joke in a pair of jeans’ pocket which had survived the wash. I must have been keeping it to entertain casual readers of the blog posts on this site. So I decided to post the joke (see below #1)  and will add as many duck related jokes as possible. It’s my new mission.

So the challenge is to find more jokes that don’t just have “quack” as a pin in them ~ though I suspect that most do…

Duck Joke 1

Q: Why don’t ducks tell jokes while they are flying? A: Because it would quack them up! (Is that bad or what? It’s not even well constructed.)

Duck Joke 2

A duck goes into the chemist and asks if they have any lip salve. When the assistant says Yes and that It’s £2, the duck says “OK, please put it on my bill”. (Better?)

 UPDATE: There are lots of duck jokes about and 50% are qwackers based.  35% are “bill” based. 10% are “fowl”. One or two have “duck!” (as in bend down quick) like the old Muppets joke (“Chicken!”) and the rest are adapts of other animal jokes where you can substitute a duck. Some of these will follow… or not…

Confit de Canard UK Simplifies Delivery Charges…

Easier not (nay impossible) to forget to pay for it!

It was our fault because we had two delievry bands and it was too complicated but we fixed it and now we have one delivery charge which gets added to every order ~ of just £6.95.

As we so often (& commercially) say, it’s so much better value if you buy more than one tin. That splits the delievry cost between tins and the cost is marginal. I would advise against buying just one tin of anything from us (be it confit de canard or cassoulet de confit or gesiers) when [a] it’s poor value delivery and [b] such a waste not to get more while you can.

You can keep your duck confit products for a couple of years anyway. Personally I can’t keep them that long. That’s either because I just want to eat duck or because there’s nothing else and a tin of duck in the cupboard or the cellar will do very nicely, thank you!

Now when you order anything at Confit de Canard UK, the delivery is added at the check out – only once! You’d be surprised that at a lot of on-line stores the delivery charge is added to every item. Goodness ~ we’re so good to you…

Duck Confit for Christmas

Confit de Canard Selling Like Hot Mince Pies…

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that we’re selling duck confit tins at the moment like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve had more orders this month than the last four put together. (Mind we did run out of stock for an unacceptable amount of time.)

We’ve sold one 12 piece tin that is going to India (in the luggage) for Christmas Day and many other orders are for “big” dinners in December either birthdays or seasonal get-togethers ~ but quite a few are for the big day itself.  I hadn’t realised that sales would be so seasonal.  I just hope that it doesn’t go so horribly quiet in January…

And of course I always think of confit de canard as a summer dish because we discovered it on summer hols.

August Rush for Confit de Canard?

Duck Confit de Canard Boost From Hols…

We’re in France in August? Are you? Were you? Or did a friend tell you about their confit de canard experience?

Will we be seeing a rush in orders following summer holidays where people are trying confit de canard for the first time or being reminded of how much they love this gourmet meal from a tin!

We will be stocking up in August for the rush at Confit de Canard UK. Late august/September is when we get our big confit de canard pangs too …

Confit de Canard UK Goes Electronic…

Shopping for Confit de Canard updates…

Well, we now have two major technological advances to help the UK to buy confit de canard (and associated duck products) … The first is the final inclusion of PayPal which I know works now because I had to “buy” something (Confit Cassoulet – our lowest cost item) to test the system.  I was too impatient to wait for a customer (which we’ve now had) and also, more importantly, I  didn’t want some one who was shopping for duck confit (and thought they could order) to be let down.  So that cost me the Paypal commission!

Secondly, I have finally managed to get a picture of our “best price” Confit de canard  (only £12.95 for the 4 pieces size tin) onto the Google Shopping listing! Hip hip hooray…  To get the info onto their system is reasonably tricky for mere mortals but eventually a couple of weeks ago I got onto it (by uploading a “database”) but they didn’t pick up the image.  Why not – because you’re supposed to put that into the database too! SO I’ve now done that and hopefully we’ll be seen more.  I assume that the products without pictures get put lower down?

None of that may be of interest to somebody who’s just here to buy confit de canard and doesn’t want all the behind the scenes nonsense.  But I was chuffed, so there it is…

Confit de Canard 4 pieces Terres Royales Only £12.95: Previously Sold

Potted Duck Confit de Canard ~ 4 pieces ~ 1.35kg

Best Price Confit de Canard in the UK £12.95

Brand Terres Royales: Our current offer in the standard 1.35kg tin size – often said to be 4/5 pieces but this brand states four pieces which means that they are of a good size.  A great goumet meal for four.  With enough duck fat to cook your potatoes “sarladaise”

See the rest of our Confit de Canard range

Confit de Canard Delivery

Delivery of your Confit de Canard

It was just too complicated and difficult with two or more delivery bands ~ so we decided to just have one delivery cost of £7.95 which is a bargain if you order more than one tin. And why would you only want one tin when you can keep it for a couple of years? (But how could you resist…)
Delivery will be added at the check out.

Standard confit de canard delivery is just £7.95

This covers orders up to 20kg ~ if you make a larger order, please email or telephone to get a price, though if you order that much we might just do it at the same cost and take the hit!

This is by courier.  Please expect delivery to take at least 5 working days. It may take longer…
Email us or phone us if you want it quicker.

If you anticiapate any delivery difficulties at your end then please add your phone number (mobile best if you’re out) to the details at the check out. Or leave instructions like “OK to leave in porch”.

Delivery to the HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS ~ We’re sorry to add another proviso… here to customers in the Scottish Highlands & Islands… Couriers don’t like you! The costs are so much more for delivery here and so if you order, we may have to come back to you subject to the best price we can get -and the size of your order etc – to ask for extra payment for delivery charges! We are sorry ~ but we can’t lose money on these orders because of silly dispatch costs… (We do know there are companies who do specialise but they are usually even more expensive.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY DELIVER TO THE UK ~ if you live elsewhere please do not order here. Sorry, it’s just too expensive & risky sending these tins of duck further afield.

Hip Hip Hoo~Confit de Canard~Ray!!!

Confit de Canard Goes Live With Etailing!

Well what a fuss and a palaver.  It’s so much easier to cook your confit de canard gourmet French meal than to set up PayPal on a website and embed strange codes (it’s all right you can’t see them they’re invisible) and get it all sorted – including the rather strange delivery ordering system*.  But it’s done and until we change stock that’s it for now…

You an now buy duck confit in the UK with the ease of paying with PayPal – which is easy for you, now I’ve done all the hard work – using either your credit/debit card or your PayPal account

*Now our strange delivery system isn’t really starnge it’s simple (honest). You just have to actually order it as well as your confit de canard produce.  And the really good news is that though buying one tin seems silly because of the delivery charge (£4.95)  you can order pretty much what you want – like 10 tins and still only pay the standard delivery of £6.95. I reckon that this way you’ll be sensible and spread the delivery charge over quite a few tins…

Nigel Slater Rates Confit de Canard Big Time

Another Top Chef Loves His Duck Confit… The Other One Being Me Of Course!

I’ve just seen an old article on the Guardian on-line by Nigel Slater where he delights in all things Confit de Canard!  Much better than roasting a duck, he says!  And when you cook duck confit in the oven, hey presto… no smell around the house like the  alternatives.

To lift a bit of the article, though you can read it all at the above link… “A better idea, I think, is to buy tins of French confit de canard, that ancient preserve of slow-roasted duck legs stored in snowy layers of their own fat. Crisped up briefly in the oven, you get roast duck in no time, and no lingering ducky pong clinging to your favourite sweater. The only downside – and it is a big one – is the cost. A jar of two preserved duck legs will cost you the best part of a tenner”. The good news is that it doesn’t cost that at Confit de Canard UK – you can get a tin of four legs (that is twice what he’s talking about) for a bit over a tenner!

Order it today… see our SHOP Confit de Canard page for details.

Of course Nigel Slater decides to make his own confit but you’re better off with the French stuff in a tin!

Confit de Canard UK’s First Enquiry!

A friend of mine served “confit de canard” for a dinner party which we thought so flavourful…

We had to say sorry to our first Confit de Canard UK enquiry last week because we’re not not getting any duck this year…

The enquiry came when one of us was in France investigating duck supplies… (and of course eating confit de canard for every meal) – had it came a day earlier, I’d have bought just enough tins of  confit of duck to satisfy the order!

We’re so brand new at the moment, we’d not expected any orders yet! But next year we’ll be all set up properly and we’ll let you know when the first supply of the best value confit de canard in the UK comes in.

One really nice thing about the enquiry was that she thought we were friendly – even though we have no duck yet.  But importantly our enquiry had come from someone who’d eaten duck confit at a friends and thought it was so tasty that she’d try it for New Year’s Eve dinner.  And we had to let her down.  Shameful really…