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Can You Freeze Confit de Canard?

Duck Confit is Preserved in the Tin But…

We were recenly asked if you can freeze duck after you open the tin. Of course normally if you want some dcuk confit, you open the tin and coook and serve (and keep the left over fat in the fridge, because you do usually have some left). You don’t have leftovers normally … but because our organisation has slipped we were only offering tins with 12 pices of duck confit rather than the more usual 4 or 5 pieces.

As we said to the person that asked the question, the duck in tins of Confit de Canard is cooked but they need re-cooking (re-heating really) – that’s one of the secrets of why they are so delicious…  You can keep the ones that weren’t cooked in the fridge for a few days but freezing, we just don’t know but guess that it’s OK. It just seems odd becasue the situation doesn’t normally arise.

We will try to find out though…

Meanwhile,   we will be getting some 4/5 piecs tins by the end of next week. Apologies to those of you who have had to wait for their confit de canard.

Maybe you can order these?

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