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Can You Freeze Confit de Canard #2

We Tried To Have Confit Duck Pieces Left Over But We Just Had To Eat It!

Last weekend we had our friends’ special anniversary dinner here and in addition to soup, I made duck gesiers salad to start and confit de canard as the main treat. There were six of us for dinner so I thought if I opened one of my 12 peice tins of confit de canard, I could cook 8 or 9 “cuisses” to allow seconds (probably the “boys” only) and then freeze the remaining 3 or 4 pieces.

No such luck… by the time the first peices had hit the baking dish (my preferred cooking method these days) and the vultures all hovering around to see and to smell, we decided to be damned and cook all 12 pieces. Seconds were had but we had some left over.

Those bits went in the fridge in foil which did me and a friend two snacks this week! Re-fried with thin potato slices and leeks in duck fat! It’s at times like this that I womder why people eat anything else…

So no duck confit to freeze so that experiement is on hold. Of course before our gluttony got thw better of us, I saw no reason at all not to freeze the pieces once out of the tin but not cooked.

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