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Confit de Canard: The World’s Best Meal From a Tin ~ Gourmet Food Without The Fuss

When I travel to France, I start to salivate (metaphorically, I’m not one of those “literally” people – especially when it’s not literally).  When I’m in France I can eat my favourite meal in the world… Confit de Canard.  I can eat it in a restaurant.  This could be either as part of the “menu” for anything from €12 to €30 or as a main course, a la carte, let’s say at €10-20 a go.  Or we could buy it in the local market, shops or supermarkets in tins (usually in the 4 or 5 piece sized tin – but sometimes the bigger one for 12 of us) and cook it ourselves.  Definitely the best meal in the world from a tin!

I used to try and stop on the way home and buy a few tins of confit de canard, gesiers and petits pois (the ideal complement) but often we would forget or run out of time before the ferry!  When I did bring a few tins home I kept giving them to friends with whom I’d just shared our only other tin.

You may have done the same…

Confit de Canard: Haute Cuisine ~ Low Cost

Now you can buy Confit de Canard in the UK directly from Confit De Canard Co UK.  You can order enough to always have a tin in the larder. Then a confit de canard meal is only ever half an hour away…

Better Confit of Duck Prices than eBay!

We are always checking our duck confit prices to make sure that we are the best value. And we are! We’ve never yet seen a better price including delivery anywhere else.

Check our confit de canard recipes and cooking-ology page

To buy confit de canard go to our shop confit de canard page

TESTIMONIALS for Confit de Canard UK

A few comments received at Confit de Canard UK from satisfied customers…

“You are a miracle worker – thank you so much for arranging that delivery…! We really appreciate it and you have earnt yourself some very loyal customers :o. Thank you! Have a great New Year!” AM, Surrey

“Just to say a big thank you… I was delighted to receive my order and am sure will be equally delighted to eat my  confit de canard dinner with friends. Your wedsite was an amazing find and good to know I can now obtain supplies of canard here in the UK. Kind regards”  CD, Northants.

” Fantastic – all received… thank you for superb customer service!” JN, Herts

“Hi, the parcel was delivered today. Thank you so much for your help. Impressive packaging by the way!” SD, Berkshire

“Hi, Thank you for your email.  The tins arrived today… Thank you for your prompt attention. Regards”  DN, Aberdeenshire

“Dear CdC – that is just lovely! Thank you so for much for your help in this matter…  Kind regards”  BA, Denmark/Surrey

“Yes, thank you very much for the prompt delivery, received on Tuesday”  KP, Kent

“Thank you for the follow up… The dinner went really well. We used to live in Paris & we had some French friends over & wanted to make them feel at home!”  MN, Hants

“Hi … Just wanted to let you know that the confit de canard arrived TODAY and I am so impressed with your service and speedy delivery!  I really can’t wait to get started … so thank you very much for your help”  LMcD, Essex

“Wanted to let you know the Duck was excellent! Thanks for sending it through on time and look forward to buying more in the future!  Best”  FR, London

“… Just a quick line to say the confit was a hit. Very good indeed.  Thanks again” TB Restauranteurs, Sussex


  1. Paul Belcher says:

    Do you do confit duck meat without the bones? I import this from France but my supply chain is having difficulty’s

  2. Cassia White says:

    Hi I would like to order 6 tins. Can you ship to the Republic of Ireland?

    1. Love A Duck says:

      From Confit de Canard: Yes we can deliver to Ireland, It’s the only “overseas” place that we can. There is an extra cost which you would have to pay by email/invoice.

      1. Love A Duck says:

        Post Script: More recently we have had trouble delivering to Ireland: We are at the mercy of courier companies who change all the time… Once we delivered to a post restaunte (or a modern version) in NI.

  3. Michelle Knevel says:

    Would you ship to Canada?

    1. Love A Duck says:

      From Confit de Canard UK: Sorry Michelle, we cannot in the normal course of things, ship to Canada. I don’t think it would be worth it. Doesn’t someone in Canada either make Confit or import it?

  4. Ms AP says:

    I would like to order 7 tins of confit the 1.35kg size but need them asap could you please either email or ring me to let me know how long delivery would be. Thanks A.

    1. Love A Duck says:

      From Confit de Canard UK: In this instance we were able to dispatch on a “next day” delivery. We were feeling generous – based on an order of 7 tins! If you have any unusual queries of want to know more about delivery or anything… please ask. We can only try…

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