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Apologies for lack of duck confit tins images…

… Problems fixed, now. Sorry for the nuisance.

I’m sorry that any visitors to Confit de Canard UK recently will not have seen the images for our tins of confit duck (etc) have been missing. It must have been very annoying to read the description and not to have seen the picture… just a silly glonk saying it was missing. And to be honest I’m amazed that the faithful ordered any duck “blind”.

We had a problem with our server – I’m told – but before that it was supposed to be something else with a new version of the software. Anyway, now it’s fixed; and of course now it’s fixed it was apparently a much easier solution. (Which makes it even more annoying.) But you don’t want to know all that, I just wanted to say sorry if anyone came and went because of the lack of pictures.

Now of course in the things we’ve just had the storm and our power was off. But deliveries have not been affected so all’s well on that front.

Succes Gourmand  Confit de Canard, back on the site

Meanwhile, we’re restored the Succes brand to the site for sale, which is generally more popular due to it’s remarkable price. Now we’ll see with both this and the premiere brand there, which goes faster…

Still the best value Confit de Canard in the UK

Just checking and we have the best prices in the UK still. Occassioanlly you see something on EBay but they usually don’t have much and not for long… and even so we still have the best prices. It’s always good to know that you can beat all-comers for price…

And lastly… I mistyped duck earlier as dcuk… echoes of fcuk… does that make us more edgy?

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