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And finally a good picture of Confit de Canard

Makes you hungry this French duck confit

At last after all this time of not finding (or being able to take) a good picture of confit de canard on a plate actually looking delicious… this turned up in an web-alert with full usage to one and all (if I understood right).

Ah... a picture of confit de canard that makes you want to eat it...

Thanks to Robby who has given this picture to the world.  See his pictures (of things other than French duck dishes) at Flickr; quite a lot of them are food based – but none is as delicious as this one.

This photo was taken in a Paris restaurant in 2006 using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. Must be a good camera and a good photographer. It’s light & bright and attractive which is something that I never seem to achieve with a picture.!

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